Vachel Goldenhand

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Vachel’s Hand of Gold was fashioned by the dwarf smith Sûdersae in ages past. It was taken from the Elf King by Vachel himself, a crime of ‘haut heresae’. It shines with the brilliance of a thousand suns and has the effect of slowing down time within its orbit. Vachel is the most famous warrior in all the Isles of Eas and the most powerful in battle aside from the Elf King himself.

For use with The Red Book of The Elf King.


Contains 1 “heroic 28mm” metal figure, cast to the highest quality in the UK. Includes 30mm lipped base.

​A new and innovative Fantasy skirmish game with miniatures from Lucid Eye, sculpted by Steve Saleh, and rules by Rick Priestly (of Games Workshop & Warlord Games fame!)


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