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US6 U3/U4 2? ton 6×6 Truck (Studebaker)


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1 x Rubicon US6?Studebaker Multi Part Model

The?Studebaker US6 2??ton 6×6 truck?was part of a family of trucks produced in the US during World War II. It is best known for the vital role it played in the Red Army?s victory over the German Wehrmacht.

The US6 was intended primarily for export to America?s Allies under the Lend-Lease Act.? The 6×6 version was intended to operate off-road, and was produced in both short (148 inch) wheelbase and long (162 inch) wheelbase versions.? The 6×6 version was rated to carry up to 2? tons, while the 6×4 version could carry up to 5 tons but was limited to roads.? Most were built with an enclosed metal cabin.

Product Highlights:

– Single piece cabin & canvas canopy
– Optional canvas canopy & winch
– Choice of rear tarpaulin and tailgate in open or closed position
– Driver figure included

Product Code:?280035
Number of Parts:?34 pieces / 2 sprues

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