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The Elf King Ehlim, Lord of The Fae Circles

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“The Elf King suffered a sickness of the soul. A twilight of melancholy fell upon this King and he passed into the Outworlds, never to be seen again… The power of his circle was diminished by his passing, leaving his offspring in a perilous state.

War came to these islands in the form of the Fae Revanche. A reign of terror swept the land, decimating the already dwindling Fae of Ȇas. The war is one borne from panic without reason, is self defeating and will eventually lead to the devastation of all.

Welcome to the Fae Revanche, welcome to the Fall of All.”

For use with The Red Book of The Elf King.


Contains 1 “heroic 28mm” metal elf king, cast to the highest quality in the UK. Includes scenic 40mm base.

​A new and innovative Fantasy skirmish game with miniatures from Lucid Eye, sculpted by Steve Saleh, and rules by Rick Priestly (of Games Workshop & Warlord Games fame!)


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