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The largest kickstarter pledge but in full resin, this gives you more than enough models for a 500 point Bolt Action army, or a small Chain of Command force.

If you choose the options to match the diagram you will have zero duplicates in your pledge.

This contains the ALL kickstarter products but cast in resin, NOTE: this pledge includes the motorcycle:

  • 4 SMG Fighters in Civilian Clothing.
  • 4 SMG Fighters in Military Clothing.
  • 2 Figure K Pattern Flame Thrower Team.
  • 1 Danuta Motas.
  • 1 Eugenisuz Lokajswi.
  • 1 Resin Kubus with crewman & weapon options.
  • 4 Long Range Fighters in Civilian Clothing: 3 rifles, 1 lmg.
  • 4 Long Range Fighters in Military Clothing: 3 rifles, 1 lmg.
  • 4 Figure Command Pack: 2 man command, & sniper.
  • 2 Figure PIAT team.
  • DKW 125 Observer.

Estimated Shipping Date: SEPTEMBER 2019

Note as a kickstarter item this item may be suspect to delays. We hope not, but will be keeping backers informed via kickstarter and facebook.

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