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This pack represent 4 fighters of the Polish Armia Krajowa (Home Army) during the Warsaw Uprising, although the figures can also be used for generic Partizans, with some being usable as Volksturm, Spanish Civil War, Very British Civil War, or even German forces. Based of off archive images, and in-depth research.

These figures wear mostly civilian equipment and with the exception of the female fighter, have separate heads.

  • A single piece female fighter with Beret, civilian clothing and Mosin Nagant.
  • A three piece (one being the head) fighter with ZB 26, Polish Helmet and Ammunition box.
  • A two piece fighter (one being the head) with amunition boxes, civilian suit, and Polish army cap.
  • A three piece (one being the head) fighter having a drink.

These figures were released via Kickstarter.

Supplied without bases. Metal Models have a cast puddle base.

This four figure set requires some clean up and assembly, as white metal some weapons may require straightening. We recommend our range for skilled modellers over the age of 12. Figures should be washed, polished and then primed with a high quality primer. Cast in the UK by Griffin Moulds JJP for Infamous JT. Figures are traditionally sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, weapons are sculpted digitally by Jonathan Llinares.


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