Orelea of Ry Fert

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“Orelea, Queen of the Long Isles, Far Traveller, Admiralla of the Fae Fleet. Orelea is wife to Alloysian’s twin, whom he sent to Hel. Orelea’s devotion led her to the very Gates of Hel and Beyond in search of her husband. The fleet sailed to the Pylons at the Worlds End and Orelea went Beyond to rescue Valfolat. Whilst in Hel, she made a terrible bargain but was tricked by The Unspoken into losing her shadow. She is now changed and speaks of the Dark Secrets she has learned, her terrible beauty makes even courageous Lords shake.”

For use with The Red Book of The Elf King.


Contains 1 “heroic 28mm” metal figure, cast to the highest quality in the UK. Includes 30mm lipped base.

​A new and innovative Fantasy skirmish game with miniatures from Lucid Eye, sculpted by Steve Saleh, and rules by Rick Priestly (of Games Workshop & Warlord Games fame!)


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