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This is a fully resin vehicle kit, that includes two weapon options or a crewman. You can choose to mount a weapon, or the crewman on the top of the open hatch.

Kubus is one of the most iconic aspects of the Home Army forces of the Polish Uprising: a pseudonym nickname given to the wife of one of the engineers who lost her life in early August prior to the building of Kubus. An improvised vehicle built on a Chevrolet 157 truck. It was used as an Armoured Personal Carrier for 8-12 fighters, including crew. It was equipped with a K pattern home built flame thrower and DP-28 LMG. It’s gun shield was also designed to house either a DP-28 or a PIAT (which was dropped in by British forces.)

This resin set requires clean up and assembly, and some components may require straightening. The resin must be washed before being primed with lacquer or car primer. We recommend our range for skilled modellers over the age of 12. Figures should be washed, polished and then primed with a high quality primer. Cast in Germany by Dennis Zarnowski for Infamous JT. Figures are traditionally sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, weapons and the armoured car are sculpted digitally by Jonathan Llinares.


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