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This pack represents 2 individuals of the Polish Armia Krajowa (Home Army) operating the Partizan home made K-Pattern flame thrower during the Warsaw Uprising. Find out more about the figures below:

  • The front figure wears civilian attire, with the exception of a military belt.
  • The rear figure wears a Polish cap, and factory overalls: often converted as a sort of “uniform.”

This set comes as 7 metal pieces, each figure has cast heads.

The German Army in Warsaw were surprised by the large amount of flame throwers in the insurgent forces. Design work upon a simple flamethrower for the Polish underground, suitable for clandestine production in ordinary workshops from readily available materials, started in 1942 on request of the Home Army main headquarters. Its main purpose was to be used against armoured vehicles. There were several designs produced, of which the most popular was the K-Pattern, becoming a sort of standard weapon of the Polish underground..The exact number produced is difficult to estimate, but it was at least several hundred (in one workshop of Antoni Więckowski in Warsaw alone, there were about 400 produced.) Its production was concentrated in Warsaw. Due to production conditions, many flamethrowers differed in details.

These figures were released via Kickstarter.

Supplied without bases. Metal Models have a cast puddle base.

This two figure set requires some clean up and assembly, as white metal some weapons may require straightening. We recommend our range for skilled modellers over the age of 12. Figures should be washed, polished and then primed with a high quality primer. Cast in the UK by Griffin Moulds JJP for Infamous JT. Traditionally sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski.


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