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Eugenisuz Lokajski Kickstarter Exclusive

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This model is exclusive to kickstarter, and possibly future promotions. a 28mm representation of Eugeniusz Lokajski. A Polish athlete and gymnast, who was also champion of the javelin. Successful in hurdling, long jump, high jump and decathlon: his javelin record would not be broken for 17 years. Conscripted into the Polish Army for the Polish Defensive War of 1939, Lokajski served as a platoon commander in the Polish 35th Infantry Regiment. After the Battle of Brze?? he was taken prisoner of war by the Soviets, but managed to escape to Warsaw, which most probably saved him from the fate of other Polish officers, murdered by the Soviets in the Katyn Massacre. In Warsaw he reunited with his family and opened a photographic shop. At the same time he served as a teacher in one of the underground universities operating secretly in Warsaw. After his brother was killed he took over his duties in the AK. He would sadly lose his life in the uprising. His sister published a book of over 1000 images taken by him during the war. We used many of these images for inspiration, and created this model as a homage to Eugeniusz and other photographers of the AK. We have modeled him with the Leica Standard, as it is known he used one prior to the war and was given one by a fellow officer in the AK. We have modeled a cat as an optional extra based on an iconic image of this Polish hero.

Estimated Shipping Date: SEPTEMBER 2019

Note as a kickstarter item this item may be suspect to delays. We hope not, but will be keeping backers informed via kickstarter and facebook.

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