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Danuta Motas Partisan Medic

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This includes 1 metal Danuta Motas Partisan Medic Figure.

Shipping Estimate: End of September.

This is a very special character piece. Our friend and painter, Peter Motas’ grandmother served as a medic in the Home Army at the age of 18. We planned to produce a female medic as homage to female service in the home army but when Peter told us this we decided to base it off of photographs off of Danuta. She survived the uprising; despite a room she was in being hit by a tank’s shell. This tank is believed to have been a Tiger tank. Luckily for Danuta, a door crashed into her, absorbing most of the shock but leaving her very injured. She would eventually spend the remainder of the war in a work camp, wearing a “P” for Polish. We used images of Polish medics for inspiration of attire.

Estimated Shipping Date: SEPTEMBER 2019

Note as a kickstarter item this item may be suspect to delays. We hope not, but will be keeping backers informed via kickstarter and facebook.

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