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Contamination Resource Deck


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This Card Deck Contains:

31 Cards covering Comfort, Food, and Meds Resources as well as Loot Drops.

The Contamination Resource Deck is the best and easiest way of allocating resource types and can be used in two different ways. The first way is to shuffle the deck each time a game is played drawing the same number of cards as resource tokens within your control at game end. Alternatively, the same cards can be drawn from the deck and are reserved until the deck is completely used up at which point the cards are returned and shuffled back in. This way makes the resource types more restricted and is perfect if you wish to add an inter-player trading mechanic to your campaign. If you choose to use the Contamination Resource Deck its recommended that each player has their own deck, preventing the situation from arising where one player holds (quite literally) all the cards.


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