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Alloysian of Vasterlant

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Alloysian of the Marshes sent his twin to the Undying Hel for possession of the Pale Realstone. This pure, almost invisible gem holds within it a map of the cosmic pathways, with which Alloysian may step from one reality to the next. Time, for Alloysian, is in flux and he may predict an opponent’s intentions with ease. Alloysian is nimble and athletic. He is said to be the swiftest elf in the Isles of Eas

For use with The Red Book of The Elf King.


Contains 1 “heroic 28mm” metal figure, cast to the highest quality in the UK. Includes 30mm lipped base.

​A new and innovative Fantasy skirmish game with miniatures from Lucid Eye, sculpted by Steve Saleh, and rules by Rick Priestly (of Games Workshop & Warlord Games fame!)


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