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Adventure Gear Universal 10-card expansion


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“Always bring the right tools for the job! That’s what my pappy always said.”

This set of universal upgrade cards is the single most useful pack of cards available. Other packs include powerful characters and exotic abilities, but this set features ten pieces of essential equipment used by everyone. Inside you’ll find everything from Health Potions to Magic Weapons. Ward off otherwise grievous wounds with a Magic Ring! Climb the highest towers with a sturdy pair of Feather Boots! Have a problem with a giant spider? Burn it to death with volatile Alchemist’s Fire!

This set should be called, “Buy this!” It’s really packed with excellent gear for every faction.

This Expansion Includes The Following Upgrade Cards

  • Alchemist’s Fire
  • Climbing Kit
  • Cloak of Shadows
  • Feather Boots
  • Health Potion
  • Magic Ring
  • Magic Weapon
  • Raven Brooch
  • Sling and Stone
  • Stonekin Serum

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