Meksant Farseer

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Meksant Farseer, Keeper of The Red Book. Within his labyrinth, Meksant is the tireless chronicler of the ages. Meksant is said to know all things. His sight is far reaching indeed, and atop his highest tower he often sits and can see to the far shores and even to beyond the veil. He possesses the Serhudrae, three milk-pale jewels set in a silver band, with which he may call forth bright shades, these three save Meksant from three killing blows.

For use with The Red Book of The Elf King.


Contains 1 “heroic 28mm” metal figure, cast to the highest quality in the UK. Includes 30mm lipped base.

​A new and innovative Fantasy skirmish game with miniatures from Lucid Eye, sculpted by Steve Saleh, and rules by Rick Priestly (of Games Workshop & Warlord Games fame!)


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